Zenith Windows Misery or Why You Should NEVER ask  Zenith Staybrite Windows to install your double glazing!

My Experience with Zenith Windows - Add Your Zenith Windows Misery - Your Zenith Windows Miseries

After two years of near constant nuisance sales phone calls from Zenith Staybrite Windows I have decided to open this web site.

I want to see if there are other 'ex customers' subjected to the same barrage of calls that I have been subject to. And if there are others out there, I urge you to add your comments. The fight back against the Zenith Staybrite Windows Sales Force starts here!

Complaints and phone calls to this company do not work - the sale calls to me have persisted for two years now. That's 18 months after I spoke to someone saying they were the Managing Director who promised to clear my name from their sales database.  I have only the one option therefore left open to me - to embarrass the hell out of Zenith Staybrite Windows and ensure that prospective customers of Zenith Staybrite Windows are aware of the misery that taking on a contract with Zenith Staybrite will bring to them.

Do not use Zenith Staybrite Windows to undertake your double glazing because in my experience, you will be inundated by sales phone calls from them for years after!

I do not work for another double glazing company, I have no links or interests in other double glazing companies. The bitterness I feel towards Zenith Staybrite Windows is based solely on my personal experience with them and their persistent, pushy, lying, non professional sales force. There seems to be no way of stopping the constant nuisance sales calls from Zenith Staybrite Windows. So if the only way to stop these calls is to help bring Zenith Windows company to it's knees and stop it trading then so be it. If this company was an individual I would get an injunction out to stop him stalking me!

PS - I've added Google Ads to help pay back the expense and time required to set up this web site. But there does not seem to be anyway of excluding Zenith Window Ads from those that may appear.... which is obviously quite ironic lol. So if you are tempted to click on one of their wonderful ads - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !!!